Warm Up Before You Dive In

When your getting into the pool you have one of two options, you can either poke your toe in the water or just jump straight in. What would you do? Deciding to skip the torture of slowly dipping into the cold water you just go for it! Cannon ball!

You may even use this same approach to your workouts. Your pre workout has just kicked in, its been a long day and your just ready to do your thing in the gym! But slow down for a second. Here are four reasons you should start every workout with a warmup.

1)Enhance performance- An increase in oxygen to the working muscles increases your bodies ability to utilize the oxygen, making for a more effective and efficient performance.

2)Prevent Premature Fatigue- Going from low intensity to high intensity to quickly causes a quick increase of blood flow which can cause premature blood lactic acid accumulation and fatigue.

3) Prevent Injury- During warm up, muscles become more “stretchable” which reduces the risk of overstretching or tearing muscles.

4) Improve Motor skills-Gradual increase in core body temperature enhance speed of muscle contraction and force.

Although it is easy to skip, take the time to warm up. Warn your body for the killer workout your about to put it through. Test the waters first because diving in with out preparation always ends with a belly flop.