By: Nene Tenety
What would you change about yourself? When answering this question what is the first thought that comes to mind? For most women, a quick response would include weight issues; possibly their legs or belly. Toss those thoughts aside because you’re asking the wrong question. A more important question is: What should you change about your work outs?

As the fitness epidemic expands, the “cardio bunny” population also increases. Many women bebop along on the elliptical, throw in some crunches and call it a day. However, when executing such a one sided workout the questions continue. Where are the results? The results are in the weight room ladies. It’s that portion of the gym you only glance at to watch the eye candy then quickly turn away when the scary huge guy catches your stares. It’s the portion of the gym you hear the loud grunts and slammed weights as they echo throughout the gym. It is uncharted territory in your eyes.

It’s time to step of the stationary machine, out of your comfort zone and onto the path of results. Many women believe they will “get big” from lifting. Somehow the thought of weight lifting creates an unappealing illusion. After one bicep curl, BOOM! The next day you are a bulky muscular woman. To put your mind at ease, it does not work that way. Building and toning muscle consistently requires your best effort.

Despite this misconception, you are in the right place. It is safe to say you have master cardio, now run with the momentum and visit the weight room. There is nothing wrong with sticking your feet in the water first but eventually you’ll need to dive in. If you want to look and feel like the total package, you have to utilize a total package training program. Yes cardio helps with our girlish figure but lifting..? Lifting creates a sculpted womanly figure. Eventually the uncertain questions will disintegrate and the solutions to your problem areas will become apparent. Don’t be afraid to break a nail in the gym, use them to dig in as you clench each dumbbell.