By: Nene Tenety

Peak(adjective) 1)greatest; maximum. Both aspects of this definition apply to a competitor’s peak week experience. The hectic, emotional roller coaster of a week leading up to competition day where a competitor brings their best. After months of training it is crunch time!

If one trains for such a length of time then shouldn’t this last week be a breeze? If only it were that simple. To answer this question I turned to two of my fellow competitors as we prepare for the WBFF Fitness and Fashion weekend. Ryan Parker, 21 year old Fitness Model, describes peak week as difficult due to it’s increased intensity. Parker describes the intensity of low energy levels, increased stress, and a new component of pressure. Marjan Zaun, 43 year old WBFF Fitness Diva, further explains the tittering levels of emotion are caused by nutritional changes. Low or no carbs and calorie cuts will deplete the body as well as the mind.

Well that does not sound fun at all… Both competitors agree the reward is in what they bring to the stage on competition day. Zaun suggests getting through the “mental game” of peak week by visualizing yourself on stage. Parker agrees there is no better feeling then strutting on stage to display all your hard work. Pushing through the last week with 100% is all to ensure that on competition day they bring nothing but their best.

The climb of the journey is coming to an end. Just a few more obstacles. You have been climbing the mountain of progress for quit sometime and the peak is in sight. A bit longer until the top and you’re on cloud nine.

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