by: Nene Tenety

Chunky chunky chu chuu! All a broad the Holiday express!

The holiday season is filled with pastas, cookies, pies, and other treats making it difficult to stay on track. With all of celebrations and tempting foods it is easy to pack on some extra pounds but that doesn’t have to be the case. The key is balance. You will be presented with plenty of opportunities to “cheat” on your diet so it is important to ENJOY but not over ENDULGE. Coming from a competitor who has missed many holidays and special occasions because of my training, I am saying do not miss out. It is ok to enjoy with your family and friends but don’t go too far off track.

Let’s say there’s an office party at work. At this point you are enthused with the progress you are making but you want to enjoy with your coworkers. Then, you also remember the whole family is going to Aunt Susan’s this weekend and she makes a five cheese pasta that you just can’t pass up! What do you do? Well you could squirm around in the corner, clenching a water bottle as you try to avoid the cookie tray that is staring you in the face OR! You could enjoy a cookie with your coworkers (not 10) , stick to clean eating for the rest of the week, and on the weekend treat yourself to a reasonable portion of that five cheese pasta you’ve been anticipating with no regrets or guilt.

Your trip through the holidays will have many stops so, yes, allow yourself to enjoy but quickly get back on track. The holiday season can be a round trip returning to progression or a one way to chub town.

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