Traveling can be very challenging when trying to eat clean and maintain your exercising schedule. However, believe it or not, you don’t need constant access to a kitchen to eat clean or your gym at home to maintain your exercising schedule.

One of the first things I do is try and book a hotel with a refrigerator. It makes it so much easier to keep perishable items fresh. One great thing you can do to ensure that you are eating healthy is to prepare meals before you leave home, or go food shopping when you arrive at your destination. I actually purchase a Styrofoam cooler, or two, depending on how long your trip will be. There are certain foods that can be stored in containers and then placed in a cooler until you get to the hotel. Another great thing you can do when you arrive at your destination is to stock up on healthy foods at a grocery store.

It’s also good to pack non-perishable foods, or foods that will last you without having to refrigerate them right away. Foods such as protein bars, powdered pudding mix, Nuts N More peanut butter, mixed nuts, etc.— are all packaged so they are easy to bring along. You can also pack “snack” size baggies per day with your favorite protein powder, measured out to your desired amounts for a single serving and carry a plastic shaker for convenience. This will ensure your protein levels are high to avoid muscle loss and help keep your metabolism up!

Before you leave for your destination, Google gyms in the area of your destination and call to find out if you can get a day or week pass. I do this every time I travel and it’s never a problem. Make sure you pack your gym shoes, workout clothes, gloves, a good fit magazine for the cardio, and anything else you would use in the gym at home. Don’t forget to pack bottled water to ensure that you stay hydrated!

Sometimes, issues will come up when you are on the road with the prominence of fast food restaurants. Yes, these are the most convenient and often cheapest choices, but you should not be fueling your body with such low-quality food when trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

However, we have all been there and if you must eat fast food, here are a few tips that will help you out:

Take the time to read the nutrition facts about the food before ordering. Many restaurants will display this information on their menu. You can also find the information on the internet.

One of your best options is a salad. Try to find a salad that contains mostly vegetables, not croutons, crackers, etc. Be aware of the kind of dressing that comes with it; these can often be high in calories, fat, and sodium. Opt for a lighter dressing or none at all.

Get your chicken grilled or baked, NOT fried. This is always a smart choice.

If you must order a food that contains condiments, such as mayonnaise, try to either leave them out, or opt for mustard since it has zero calories and no sugar.

After you gain some experience traveling you will find a diet and exercise routine that works for you on the road. In order to get to this stage, you must know options available at your destination, be it the amenities at the hotel, nearby grocery stores and gyms, and the quality of local restaurants. Make sure to do some research before you leave, and always prepare some food for your trip.