Viviane Anastacio

Name: Viviane Anastacio
Birth Date: 01/29/1979
Birth Place: Sao Paulo Brazil
Current Residence: Zurich
Height & Weight: 1,58 cm and 52 k

1. What made you want to compete?
I have been working on fitness goal in order to be a motivation icon to all people who wants to change their lives to feel happier with themselves.

2. What do you do to stay inspired?
I have to motivate myself and I get the inspiration from the universe and FTP
The mother nature … The plants, animals, ecosystems are all perfect and beautiful

3. What shows have you already been in or plan to be in in the future?
I have been competing in Switzerland and Germany first time this year

4. Who got you started?
Myself … I watch a video from Natalia Melo.

5. Who do you look to for help now?
My friend who compete Wbff

6. Where do you usually workout?
Switzerland Airport fitness

7. Do you use any suppliments? If so, what ones (brands, names, etc)
Protein , casein , creative and glutamine. Also fishoil, mult.

8. What are your most noticeable results?
My ABS!!

9. Has fitness changed your life? If so, how?
Yes !! I am getting quite famous in my town and meeting a lot of nice people !!

10. What personal fitness goals have you set for yourself?
Become a Fitness Diva and get a super sponsor !!!!

11. Describe your diet.
Paleo Kind . Good fats, fish, Eggs, veggies., nuts. Also Out side Paleo Tofu

12. What does your workout schedule look like?
Legs Day on Mondays after carb loading from Sunday .
Shoulder and back Tuesday
Cardio Wednesday
Triceps biceps Thursday
Friday gluteus
Saturday cardio/hit
Sunday off

13. What do you do for a living?
HR business management but my dream is open my own business

14. What are your personal non-fitness goals?
One day meet a lovely guy … And Start a family

15. Have you participated in any other sports?
Yes, biking and marathon

16. Here you can mention your family/thank you’s.
I thanks my family and all friends support

17. Do you have any hobbies?
Yes, movie and Art!! I love Also to creat fine dishes with health food

18. What are challenges that you face that may keep you from reaching your fitness goals?
Here in Switzerland there is much to do for completions .. Also no sponsors

19. What obstacles have you overcome to be where you are?
Many … Many …, financial is the biggest one

20. Is there anything else you would like to add that you think we’ve missed?
I am alone on Swtzerland, no family here and 13 years traveling and working abroad… and alone I had the idea to compete … Till now did not lose any but winning is nothing near what I wanna reach … I wanna go to big competitions once prepared . I really believe that my destiny is to become a famous fitness model.