Matt Untisz

Name: Matt Untisz
Birth Date: 04/01/1985
Birth Place: Saddle brook New Jersey
Current Residence: Middletown New Jersey
Height & Weight: 5’9 205lbs

1. What made you want to compete?
I have a huge passion for weight training and staying in shape

2. What do you do to stay inspired?
Stay focused and always look to progress and better myself in the process!

3. What shows have you already been in or plan to be in in the future?
The WBFF New England muscle model show will be my first one and looking to see where it will take me!

4. Who got you started?
My best friend Phil Leonetti got me in the gym roughly 7-8 years ago and I’ve never stopped since!

5. Who do you look to for help now?
I dig deeper inside myself to push myself harder. As far as nutrition that woul be my good friend Johnny “Diezel” Casalena

6. Where do you usually workout?
La fitness in holmdel New Jersey

7. Do you use any suppliments? If so, what ones (brands, names, etc)
Pro supps , prescription nutrion , and metabolic nutrition

8. What are your most noticeable results?
I try to keep them balanced across my whole physique

9. Has fitness changed your life? If so, how?
It has taken over my life in a good way! I love watching the changes, it’s kept me out of trouble , gave me goals, and I love to inspire and help others achieve their goals!

10. What personal fitness goals have you set for yourself?
Be the best I can be and help others along the way

11. Describe your diet.
Clean! Haha

12. What does your workout schedule look like?
6-7 days a week…constant variation

13. What do you do for a living?
Electronic technician for the United States postal service

14. What are your personal non-fitness goals?
Get married , own a house , start a family , and just live everyday like its my last

15. Have you participated in any other sports?
When I was younger I played baseball, football, and hockey

16. Here you can mention your family/thank you’s.
I would like to specially thank my parents and family for all the help and support throughout my entire life and putting up with me at my bad times

Would like to thank my girlfriend kasandra for always being there for me and supporting me 110%

Would like to thank my friends who came all the way up here to show support! You guys are the best!

And a special thanks to my prep coach Johnny “Diezel” Casaleana for pushing me and getting me ready for this comp!

I love you all thanks for everything! Yous all helped to make this possible

17. Do you have any hobbies?
Weight training and cars!

18. What are challenges that you face that may keep you from reaching your fitness goals?
I don’t foresee any

19. What obstacles have you overcome to be where you are?