Lauren Kagan

Name:Lauren Kagan
Birth Date:12/31/1985
Birth Place: Tampa, FL
Current Residence: Connecticut
Height & Weight: 123 lbs 5’5″

1. What made you want to compete?
I’ve always loved fitness and fashion! As a kid I grew up playing sports year-round and I kept my competitive edge through adulthood. From adventure races, to Crossfit competitions to my newest passion training for and competing in the WBFF shows, I will always love pushing my body and mind to the limit. I’ve done WBFF Fitness Atlantic and WBFF Montreal this year. I absolutely love WBFF shows and hope to always be a part of them in any capacity! After meeting pros such as 2x World Champ Lindsay Messina, Brittany Coutu, Montreal Champ Tiffany Larson and others I’ve found such a drive to direct my love of fitness and fashion in becoming a WBFF pro. 🙂

2. What do you do to stay inspired?
I make fitness my passion and part of my life! I surround myself with like-minded people or at least stay away from those that would ever discourage me from pursuing this passion of mine! I’m a registered nurse and on my way to becoming a certified trainer and nutritionist so since I love learning and training this lifestyle it comes naturally and never feels like a burden! Every time I see results, even small changes, it drives me further. I’ve inspired a lot of people through my fitness IG page and I would love for a fitness career I highly aspire to.

3. What shows have you already been in or plan to be in in the future?
After competing in fitness Atlantic for my first show in April and getting 9th place in diva bikini, I signed up for Paul Dillett’s Montreal show and took 3rd in Diva Bikini Tall and 5th in Diva Fitness Tall! I absolutely love WBFF shows and hope to continue to compete if or until I get my pro card and then hopefully onto World’s! I would also love to eventually help coach posing classes, camps or any other way to be involved in the WBFF shows and training! 🙂

4. Who got you started?
I have a lot of inspirational women I follow on Instagram but I was told by amateurs that had done several different bikini competitions that WBFF shows are the best of the best, as the motto goes! 🙂 I do believe they are and have no interest in doing other leagues or shows.

5. Who do you look to for help now?
WBFF Pro 3rd Place World Champ Brittany Coutu is my posing coach who has given me incredible one on one critique and inspiration. I consider her a mentor. I met her in Spring at Fitness Atlantic posing class and had to have her as my coach.

6. Where do you usually workout?
I will workout anywhere as long as it’s everyday! I go to three gyms currently: LA Fitness, The Edge, and my Crossfit Gym. I have many athletic friends so we all are guests at one another’s gyms as well. I take my workouts outside as well always changing my environment for both fun and variety! I love working with different athletes and trainers to get each style of workout to keep it new and fresh.

7. Do you use any suppliments? If so, what ones (brands, names, etc)
I currently use green tea extract and many vitamins I buy locally to supplement my diet. As I mentioned I am both a registered nurse and working towards becoming a nutritionist so I highly value the importance of supplements for both diet and training.

8. What are your most noticeable results?
I post transformations on my IG account frequently. I train hard and my body tends to respond fast due to my healthy metabolism. I tend to think I’ve gained a lot of muscle in each area I was formerly weak in. I pay attention to details and always work on my weaknesses. The more I train the more I want to work on my weaknesses but I’m ecstatic about my progress since I just started my training this spring.

9. Has fitness changed your life? If so, how?
Absolutely! I don’t think I can or ever will go back to a “normal” life without fitness and health bring a main focus. I feel energized, healthy, young, fit and a I mentioned hope to make a career out of my goals! I’m inspired by what so many have done and the pleasure of inspiring others is just as motivating!

10. What personal fitness goals have you set for yourself?
I want to go my WBFF pro card this year! 🙂 I want to become a successful personal trainer and nutritional coach. As far as small goals go, I hope to get a muscle-up, perfect my handstand push-ups, jumpstart my fitness modeling career (which is in the works) and eventually be part of a successful fitness team/company.

11. Describe your diet.
I use “if it fits your macros” but highly concentrate on healthy foods for a balanced diet. What I don’t get in my lean duet I supplement with vitamins. I drink 1-1.5 gallons of water daily. I don’t smoke. I don’t drink during prep. My coach has me on carb cycling with refeed days to boost my fat loss and keep up my muscle gains as well as keep my metabolism high. Last show I was down to 90g of carbs most days. I am now at 110g on low days. My metabolism is at an all time high. 🙂

12. What does your workout schedule look like?
Resistance training is six days a week sometimes seven, usually two muscle groups. I train legs and glutes twice a week. I do low intensity cardio (40 min) 4x/week and 2 high intensity cardio sessions a week. Some days I have tons of energy and I’ll be at the gym for 3-4 hrs. Other days I’m there for 1.5hrs.

13. What do you do for a living?
I am a registered nurse. I work for the two largest hospitals in CT. I’ve been in cardiac and ICU nursing for 7 years.

14. What are your personal non-fitness goals?
This is a tough one as my focus is so much on fitness lately. I hope to successfully support a family of my own while either owning or being part of my own online business. I even after I have kids I hope to keep up my fitness goals but I would love to be successful enough to work from home while raising my kids.

15. Have you participated in any other sports?
Yes. As a child, basketball, soccer, baseball, softball, dance classes and high school track. As an adult I’ve done 5k races, half marathons, adventure races (tough mudder and spartan), Crossfit for past 3 years, snowboarding, and now my favorite: WBFF shows.

16. Here you can mention your family/thank you’s.
My husband Dave is my biggest supporter. I could never thank him enough. His love and patience amazes me everyday. The rest of my friends and family are so amazing too! I have to thank my friend Gabi, my coach Paul, and my in laws.

17. Do you have any hobbies?
Yes! I love to try new things so this is an ongoing list: skiing, snowboarding, dirtbikes, motorcycles, Crossfit, modeling, cooking, writing (wrote a memoir last year) and traveling!

18. What are challenges that you face that may keep you from reaching your fitness goals?
None are too big! 🙂

19. What obstacles have you overcome to be where you are?
Hunger. Losing friends. Isolated from social events. Jealous people. Discouraging people. Food. Desserts. Cake. Margaritas. Emotions. Fatigue. Injuries. Stress. Time away from my husband while grinding at the gym. Money invested into this hobby. Working overtime at the hospital while exhausted. Night shift. Feeling like no one understands you. Fear of failure. But mostly cravings. 🙂

20. Is there anything else you would like to add that you think we’ve missed?
Thank you so much for this opportunity and I cannot wait to step onto stage!