Kayla Beauvais

Birth Date: 01/13/1986
Birth Place: Providence, RI
Current Residence: Cranston, RI
Height & Weight: 5’1″ / 105lbs

1. Why did you start competing or plan to do so?
I decided to compete because I needed a personal goal. Being a mother, as many women know and understand, is the best job one will ever have; however, it is usually all about the baby! There is nothing wrong with that, but I believe that a happy, fit mama is better for both mother and child in the grand scheme of things.

2. What or who inspired you?
My beautiful and very knowledgeable coach Nicole Costa. She is an amazing inspiration for all women, not just competitors. She has unveiled such a different world for me in regards to fitness and has made me understand, through many, many of my questions, the purpose for everything I eat and do. Her positive attitude and all around happiness really makes an impact on all her clients. In addition, I follow many WBFF Pro athletes on Facebook. Their dedication and will power will set any individual in motion to become fit. I read their stories to continue to motivate myself throughout this process.

3. The shows you have done or plan to do?
I plan to compete in Kevin Topka’s presentation of The WBFF right here in Providence, Rhode Island in November 2012! It is my first time ever on stage and I cannot wait!

4. Who helped you get started?
Again, Coach Costa pointed me in the right direction and continues to do so!

5. Who helps you now?
I have amazing friends, especially my bests, Nicole and Beth, they are very encouraging and send me positive affirmations daily, even when the road gets bumpy! My family is also a huge support system and are excited for me to begin this journey as well.

6. Where do you work out? (Gym name, home?)
I workout at Gold’s Gym on Pawtucket Avenue.

7. What supplements and vitamins do you use? (brands, types)
I take several supplements and vitamins. I use Allmax Nutrition’s isoflex (chocolate is the best!), glutamine, AminoCore, and ZMA. I also take ginko, vitamin C, a multi-vitamin and Con-Cret.

8. What results have you achieved? (lost weight to feeling better)
My situation is just as tough as anyone else’s. I have to put on weight and muscle and let me tell you, it has been a struggle so far. I push hard and eat a ton so I am hoping with a switch on my workouts and newly added supplements that I will achieve this goal. Actually, I have no choice. haha! However, I have really toned up and for the first time in my life, I can see my abs!! It’s incredible! 🙂

9. How has fitness changed your life?
Fitness has granted me more energy and more confidence in myself than ever before. I truly enjoy walking into the gym five times a week!

10. What are your fitness goals? (Winning shows to personal achievement)
I would love to eventually win a show! Of course, I think once every competitor begins that is on their mind. However, just to get there, stand on stage and simply be thankful that I am healthy and made it that far is seriously the best goal I can set for myself.

11. What is your diet like?(meals you eat now, snacks, times)? (Favorite cheat meal)
My diet is fairly strict. 6 meals a day, which always includes protein, green veggies and a carb. I always look forward to my post workout shake because I can add peanut butter and believe it or not, I really enjoy natural pb! My favorite cheat meal has to be pizza. It is always exactly what I need and crave after a week of clean eating and hard training!

12. Your workout schedule? (Body part split with weights, cardio)?
At this time cardio is not included in my workout regimen. Each day is dedicated to a body part and I take two days off to rest. For example, Mondays I work tricep and chest. Keep it simple, but push heavy!

13. What is your occupation? (make it sound like you’re a genius at what you do)
My occupation is not just one thing. I am a mother, student, friend, sister, daughter, and event coordinator. I am a mother to a beautiful baby boy, Ethan (well not baby anymore, toddler!). I work for the Dunkin’ Donuts Center Providence as the event coordinator. Through “The Dunk” I have worked with amazing organizations like the Boys and Girls Clubs of Providence and the Stephen P. Marra Memorial Scholarship Foundation. It is a great place to work and has taught me a lot about the hospitality industry.

14. What are some other goals in your life?
I always am looking for the next mountain to climb, so to speak. Right now I have a few goals to accomplish. I need to finish my Master’s this semester from the University of RI. As soon as that is complete, I would like to study and become a personal trainer as well. Lastly, I would like to continue this path of fitness and someday be able to call myself a pro!

15. Other sports you have participated in? (high school, college)
If you are from Cranston, you will understand when I say I was a Westernette at Cranston High School West. For everyone else, in essence, it is the flag core team that performs with the marching band during football half time.

16. Family (any children), friends, thank you’s?
I always try to show my greatest supporters, as previously mentioned, my deepest sincerity and gratitude, but it never hurts to say it again, so thank you!

17. Hobbies? (anything and everything you do besides fitness)
I love to shop! I love to go to sports games! I am always looking for the next adventure to embark with my son (ask my friend Nicole, I drag her everywhere!).

18. Life challenges? (long work hours, children, unhealthy eating habits, excuses not to exercise?)
Right now my biggest challenge is just staying on course with my fitness plan and making it happen on a daily basis!

19. Obstacles you have overcome? (past injuries or health problems)?
I have overcome many personal obstacles that I have finally got a handle on and am proud to say I am moving forward always.

20. Anything else? (Favorite athlete and/or team, movies, books, music, tv show, vacation)
The one thing that I cannot get enough of, and don’t knock it, is the Real Housewives series on Bravo. Sorry, I never miss it!