Frank Pereira

Nickname: Tank
Birth Date: 02/21/1993
Birth Place: Hartford, CT
Current Residence: Berlin, CT
Height & Weight: 5’10 180LB

1. What made you want to compete?
The day i started working out I knew I wanted to compete on stage one day.

2. What do you do to stay inspired?
I stay focused and positive and surround myself with inspiring people.

3. What shows have you already been in or plan to be in in the future?
I haven’t been in any shows yet this will be my first one and i am looking forward to it.

4. Who got you started?
My Mom is a big reason why i started. She has always been into fitness and I was always at the gym when i was little stuck in the day care always wanting to be out in the gym.

5. Who do you look to for help now?
I always go to my step dad for advice about diet and workouts he is always telling me what I need to do to improve.

6. Where do you usually workout?
LA Fitness.

7. Do you use any suppliments? If so, what ones (brands, names, etc)
Only use Muscle Tech products they give the best results.

8. What are your most noticeable results?

My Chest is where i make easy gains.

9. Has fitness changed your life? If so, how?
Fitness has changed my life in so many ways. It has made me a dedicated and mentally stronger person.

11. Describe your diet.
I eat as clean as possible and about every two hours. My diet is high in fish and chicken.

12. What does your workout schedule look like?
five days a week for an hour and a half. I usually start my week off with legs and ill train three days on one day off .

13. What do you do for a living?
Currently working at hollister part time while I am in school to become a firefighter.

14. What are your personal non-fitness goals?
My main goal is to become a firefighter for Connecticut.

15. Have you participated in any other sports?
I played soccer my whole life until I started bodybuilding.