Dawn Miller

Name: Dawn Miller
Birth Date: 04/21/1980
Birth Place: Bangor, Maine
Current Residence: Pawtucket, RI
Height & Weight: 5’6″ 118

1. What made you want to compete?
I like a challenge, and I enjoy pushing myself physically. I’m competitive by nature, I’ve played team sports since I was 4 years old. Entering a fitness competition is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, this was the year that I finally decided to stop thinking about it and just do it!!

2. What do you do to stay inspired?
I try and surround myself with like minded people, and I remind myself that everyday is a gift that shouldn’t be wasted.

3. What shows have you already been in or plan to be in in the future?
This is my first, but I plan on competing with the WBFF again for sure.

4. Who got you started?
I did!! And then I found 2 amazing coaches at Body Rock Inc and I’ve never looked back.

5. Who do you look to for help now?
My teammates who are all amazing ladies, my 2 coaches Nicole Costa and Kayla Dariusz, and my amazing family and friends.

6. Where do you usually workout?
Planet Fitness

7. Do you use any suppliments? If so, what ones (brands, names, etc)
Yes, ADVOCARE. Spark is my favorite, I also use the Muscle Gain, Catalyst, MNS Max 3, Arginine Extreme, Mass Impact, and Nighttime Recovery.

8. What are your most noticeable results?
My legs have definitely become more defined, but everyone comments on my arms 😉

9. Has fitness changed your life? If so, how?
Yes, it’s allowed me to do something I love, make a career out of it, and set a great example of how to be happy and healthy for my 4 year old daughter.

10. What personal fitness goals have you set for yourself?
I want my pro card..I started this process just wanting to “not come in last” and then I decided that wasn’t good enough, I want it all, I want to be a WBFF Pro.

11. Describe your diet.
Clean eating!! Chicken, rice, egg whites, oats, veggies, and my favorite, Nuts n More peanut butter.

12. What does your workout schedule look like?
Usually it’s cardio in the morning and weights in the evening, weights 5 days a week.

13. What do you do for a living?
I’m a certified Personal Trainer, but I’m currently a stay at home Mom.

14. What are your personal non-fitness goals?
To live a happy healthy life and hopefully inspire a few people to follow their dreams along the way. But most importantly I want to be an amazing role model for my daughter, I want her to grow up knowing she’s is loved unconditionally.

15. Have you participated in any other sports?
Basketball was my main sport, I played from the time I was 4 all the way through high school.

16. Here you can mention your family/thank you’s.
I just want to thank ALL of my friends and family who have put up with me over the last 16 weeks. Some of you haven’t always understood the process but you’ve been supportive and offered some of the kindest most encouraging words and that has helped get me to where I am today. If I didn’t have the support of my friends, family, coaches and teammates, standing up on the WBFF stage would not be possible. So thank you from the bottom of my heart, I love you all, you are what drives me to get up in the morning and be a better person than I was yesterday.

17. Do you have any hobbies?
I love to read about natural therapies and organic/green living….I also enjoy playing with my 4 year old, our favorite thing to do together is puzzles 🙂

18. What are challenges that you face that may keep you from reaching your fitness goals?
Trying to get to the gym when my husband has a crazy work schedule and there is no one else to watch my child. There have been a lot of EARLY morning and LATE night workouts throughout this process. But I’ve never missed a workout, I firmly believe that if you want something bad enough you make it happen.

19. What obstacles have you overcome to be where you are?
I would say FEAR is the biggest obstacle I’ve overcome, competing is something I’ve wanted to do since I was in my 20’s, I just never had the courage to do it. I finally realized that if I didn’t do it I would wake up one day and regret it, so here I am!!