Alyssa Agostini

Birth Date: 09/20/1988
Birth Place: Providence

A new face to the world of Fitness, Alyssa Michelle Agostini is a Fitness Model and Competitor. She began her love for fitness in high school as she trained for numerous sports she was involved in. A natural athlete, Alyssa became obsessed with the nutritional aspect of fitness; the ability to change and shape your body just by changing the food you ate fascinated her.

Alyssa Michelle began competing in June 2012 with the WBFF (World Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation), where she placed second. Alyssa trained for 12 weeks and was able to transform her body with the right amount of dedication and mental toughness.

“You get out exactly what you put in” is a motto Alyssa Michelle had followed. “The harder you train, the more conscious you are of the foods you eat and the more praise you give yourself, the better the results. It is so important to follow a regimen. You owe it to yourself and to your body! You earn your body, so be proud of all the success you can achieve!”

Alyssa Michelle began training to help others achieve her same success. “I too struggled with my weight. I was never happy and I never thought I could change my body. I thought I was stuck in this body unless I tried an unhealthy fad diet, but those results never lasted.” She provides daily tips, exercise routines, recipes and motivational words to help people live healthier lives. Alyssa has been featured on numerous newspapers highlighting her success, was featured on local radio stations where she was able to talk fitness and health, and also has a fan page, and blog where she is able to answer questions and provide information to those across the country and world.

Alyssa has a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Providence College, and is working toward becoming a certified personal trainer.

Athletic Background
Alyssa has been involved in a multitude of sports since she was young. The sports that most interested her were Basketball, Track and Cheerleading. She began all three sports when she was 9 years old and continued Basketball and Track in high school, and Cheerleading in College for Providence College’s Division 1 Men’s Basketball Team.

Competition Experience
She began competing in June 2012 with the WBFF in the Eastern Championship where she took second. Alyssa will be competing in her second competition in November with the WBFF and is working even harder to get her Pro Card.

She knows that her determination, strong mindedness and dedication will take her very far in the fitness world.

Future Aspirations
Her ultimate goal is to be a sponsored professional athlete and spokes model for a pristine company. She loves fitness and hopes to be able to inspire and promote health to others.