Allyson Genovese

Nickname: Ally G
Birth Date: 09/28/1976
Birth Place: Waterbury CT
Current Residence: Hartford CT
Height & Weight: 5’2” 105 lbs

Allyson Genovese is a native to Connecticut. Her energetic and enthusiastic personality makes her a crowd favorite with everyone that she comes into contact with. Many would be surprised to learn her age after meeting this beautiful, fun, and charismatic mother.

Allyson left a successful career holding her series 6, 63 and Insurance licenses in the financial industry, after having a child. With the opportunity to stay at home to raise her daughter, she was determined to become fit and fabulous shortly after pregnancy. She has made it a priority to teach her family the importance of living a healthy life style.

Allyson started out as a certified boot camp instructor and since then has become a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. She competed in her first WBFF Fitness Atlantic competition taking second place in her category and was awarded her pro card in her second show. She has appeared in World Physique Magazine, has been a model of fitness wear in the Caribbean Islands is a frequent special guest on FTNS radio and has appeared in the movie “The Heat” and a hip hop music video.

Allyson continues her crusade to be an inspiration to her friends, other mothers and women in general by encouraging them to gain control of their lives, making healthy choices, becoming active and believing they too can be fit and fabulous