Boston Stage Photos

Stage photos will be offered exclusively from Mama’s Boy Media. Capture your moments on stage with professional quality hi-res photos from one of the best fitness photography professionals in the business. Packages are available by pre-order and during open registration for only $130. Your stage photography package includes a gallery of digital images of you on stage documenting you during the show. The price of this package is only good through registration. Flash photography and other professional types cameras will not be allowed in the event center so take advantage of this deal while it lasts
PLEASE NOTE ********
*Photos are provided digitally as Jpg files. Other formats available on request.
*A Dropbox link will be sent to the provided e-mail with your individual shots. You may download your photos to your computer, phone etc. You will also  receive a Dropbox link for any class group photos.
*20-30 individual shots are typical per class. Group photos from each class provided as a bonus.
* 2 to 3 weeks is the normal time it takes to go through, adjust if necessary, organize and upload the photos and send to you.
* Please check in with the photographer during show registration to double confirm your correct e-mail address.
* There are no refunds or exchanges allowed.