by Brian Cannone

Bodybuilding involves a concrete workout on daily basis. In doing so, the body gets habituated to the daily routine of workout and at some point the body gets comfortable to it and stops reacting to the workout. In my opinion, the best way to do your daily workout is to go for different routines everyday. In this way, your body will get different exercise patterns everyday and it will be effective for bodybuilding.

In the beginning, when you start new exercises, the body might feel stress, but it will cope up later. Once your system gets adapted to the fact of new exercises regularly, you will not feel stressed. It is the nature of the body not to change. Body tends to be in the same state and so it requires efforts to work out and keep body in shape. Here are the few bodybuilding tips that could be helpful to you to prepare for fitness events:

  • Try to lift more weight everyday. If you are not able to lift more weight then it is the time to use drop sets and supersets for few weeks and then again try to lift more weight.
  • Sometimes due to rigorous workout your body gets exhausted and you are not able to do workout and lift weights that you use to lift. This may lead to central nervous system exhaustion. So try to do one rep short, so that you do not get exhausted.
  • Always try to do exercises which involve two muscles simultaneously this will save your time and benefit more.
  • You should be providing your body with food both before workout and after workout.
  • Try to change your exercise routine at least every two weeks or else your body will reach a stagnation point where it will no longer benefit from the workouts.
  • Always remember along with workout you should give your body some rest. Always take day’s off after doing lifts. This will help your body to recover. If you do not give your body rest, then it can become weaker instead.

Now following the above rule you would feel that you know everything, but that is not the end. If you have marked that sometimes in competitions even the best physique is not the winner. Why it is so? It is because along with good physique you require good presenting skills.

You should practice posing yourself long before you enter the fitness modeling competition. The more you practice the more you will be comfortable before judges and this will reflect on your performance. The posing should be graceful and effortless as well. When you move from one pose to other it should be seamless and should look smooth. When you relax while posing, still be alert and tense. Do not try to relax completely.

Application of oil also requires perfection. Use oil that suits you body texture and body shape should be well defined.

Always keep in mind that every minute detail is important. Do not let anything get overruled. You could look at your best, but a smallest tiny left out can affect your performance adversely.

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