About WBFF New England Spectacular Fitness & Fashion Weekend

WBFF New England Spectacular Fitness & Fashion Weekend – November 7, 2015

Veterans Memorial Auditorium

The 1920′s saw the rise of grand Masonic complexes across the United States. As part of the movement, the Rhode Island Freemasons planned an ambitious complex designed by Osgood & Osgood, one of the era’s noted architectural firms. Work began in 1927, and foundations and building frames were constructed before economic times changed drastically in 1929. Work was halted, and the project lay dormant until the 1940′s.

The State of Rhode Island took over the project in the 1940′s. Near the end of World War II, the community pushed to complete the theater component as Rhode Island’s first professional performing arts venue. On January 27, 1950 the theater officially opened.

Over the first three decades of operation, scores of legendary performers illuminated The Vets stage, including such classical and contemporary greats as Pavarotti, Nureyev and Tony Bennett. In the 1990′s a community groundswell to save The Vets, coupled with public investment to partially refurbish and restore the theater, provided the impetus for resuming performances and community traditions. Today Veterans Memorial Auditorium is a treasure for all to experience.

About WBFF New England Spectacular Fitness & Fashion Weekend

The WBFF New England Fitness and Fashion Weekend offers the Best of the Best in Muscle Model, Figure Model, Diva Bikini Model, Diva Fitness Model, Male Fitness Model, Female  Commercial Modeling, Transformation Division as they compete for the richest title in our sport earning “Pro Status”.

The WBFF New England Fitness and Fashion Weekend provides all athletes a chance to shine! With a consistently sold-out audiences, national exposure and production standards designed to make every contestant feel like a star, the WBFF New England Fitness and Fashion Weekend is like no other event you will ever witness! This is certain to be the most personally rewarding event you can enter. Now you can Turn Professional, Win Awesome Prizes, and Get the Opportunities You Deserve.

One great thing about WBFF New England Fitness and Fashion Weekend is that “Everyone is a Winner!” In fact, it is more about the results you
gain then the trophy you may take home with you. This is a event that the contestants can’t lose for it is their physique that is the trophy and the process of getting into great shape that is the reward.

Competition Divisions

Diva Bikini two height classes

Diva Bikini Model 35+ one class

Figure Model two height classes

Figure Model 35+ one class

Male Fitness Model one class

Diva Fitness Model two height classes

Diva Fitness Model 35+ one class

Muscle Model one class

Female Commercial Model one class

Transformation Division



WBFF Competitor Workshops

A series of Workshops will be presented to assist competitors to be their very best for the WBFF New England Spectacular Fitness & Fashion Weekends. The Workshops will cover: Introduction to WBFF. WBFF Judging Criteria – Diva Bikini Model, Diva Fitness Model, Commercial Model, Transformation Division and Figure Model.